About Us

Sparkling Voyages is a Canadian luxury tour operator specializing in upscale vacation packages that provide a different, one of a kind travel experience. The company’s philosophy of continuous commitment to excellence is incorporated into every aspect of its operations.

Sparkling Voyages’ Luxury Travel Advisor Yuliya Grace strongly believes that a well-planned journey tailored to meet travellers’ personal preferences can significantly improve their emotional and physical well-being and help them look at the world from a positive perspective upon return. Therefore, Sparkling Voyages always goes an extra mile to ensure that travelers are not only pleased with their holiday, but utterly delighted.

Sparkling Voyages is devoted to wholly understand your travel preferences in order to provide the most meaningful, authentic and personal vacation experience. Our packages go outside the old-fashioned 7 or 14 days pre-made vacation concept, and not only offer various lengths of stay, but also a choice of flights, various transfer options, a choice of tours, custom-built experiences and many other benefits.

Sparkling Voyages’ luxurious hotel offerings were carefully selected from thousands of four and five star hotels to offer only the most notable world-class accommodations. The tour operator is dedicated to perfecting the travel experiences in every way possible and offers a highly personalized service and a great dedication to understanding travelers’ needs.

We are experts in all destinations of our specialty and are fully committed to flawlessly designing the most complex travel itineraries that require fierce planning precision and connections with the most reliable local suppliers. Combine that with surprise value-adding amenities that travellers are often treated to, such as champagne upon arrival or complimentary sunset sailing tour, and you will envision an idea of the journeys we create.

Ontario Wholesale Registration # 50019188

‘Sparkling’ Star Ratings:

Sparkling Voyages has extensively reviewed all up-scale properties, and has selected only luxury 5* and most notable 4* hotels from thousands of choices so that travelers would be confident in selecting a property that has been approved by the industry and other guests alike. While many hotels and tour operators give heightened rankings to some of the hotels to compare them to other budget options, Sparkling Voyages has its own system of grading so that only luxury properties are compared against each other

 – designated for those seeking the best of the best, these properties are top-notch, and offer the highest standards of service, amenities, facilities, dining and recreation options

or   – these high quality accommodations have been selected from thousands of other properties for their outstanding qualities, and they offer upscale dining, good quality accommodations, and a range of amenities, activities and facilitie