InterContinental Moorea Resort and Spa (4*)

The distinguishing feature of this resort, that has recently undergone a renovation by adding private plunge pools to 17 garden bungalows, is the large natural pool that is home to two dolphins that guests can swim with


Hotel Details:

  • 143 deluxe rooms and bungalows
  • 2 restaurants
  • 2 boutiques
  • award-winning spa
  • private beach between the island’s mountains and the lagoon
  • large natural pool that is home to two dolphins


Room Features:

Most guestrooms include:

  • business services
  • cable/satellite TV
  • minibar
  • workspace
  • in-room safe
  • separate living area
  • sofa bed



  • Fare Nui Restaurant – features a blend of delicate French cuisine and exotic local flavours to create three-course feasts
  • Fare Hana Restaurant – serves fresh food in a casual, friendly atmosphere
  • MotuIti Bar – cosy bar overlooking the lagoon



  • swimming in the dolphin lagoon
  • watersports, including snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, etc.
  • land activities including kayaking and bicycle rentals


NEW! How you can make your stay more authentic, sustainable and memorable

These tips provide the insider’s knowledge on how travelers can engage with local culture, make their vacations more memorable, promote sustainability in the region, and enhance their overall holiday experience.

  • To make their stays more memorable while they are visiting French Polynesia, travelers can attend one of these local festivals:
    • Heiva I Tahiti – this celebration is held every year from the month of June through July. It is the time of dance shows and local sports competitions including canoe races, fruits porters run, spear competition, and it is the most expected event in the Society Islands. All the groups are working very hard throughout the whole year to present the most beautiful shows. From a display of colors in the costumes, and motion in local dances to mixtures of melodies and rhythms with the drums, both locals and visitors are looking forward to the Heiva every year
    • Marquesas Festival – held every 4 years (with last one in December 2011), the purpose of the festival is to preserve the knowledge of the “Tuhuka” (the Wiseman who held the knowledge of the traditions and the culture). With limited space available and delegations coming from the other parts of the Polynesian Triangle, they gather to celebrate their origins, and it is a great opportunity to meet the locals and experience the islands as an islander. According to our local partner, the event has a special spirit, often referred to as “Mana” which in translation means “the spirit of the ancients”, which triggers a beautiful feeling and strong emotions.
    • Matari’i I Ni’a Festivities – in ancient times, the stars have always played an important role in the Polynesian culture, and the locals were expecting the apparition of a special constellation of stars which was supposed to announce the cycle of abundance. The name of the constellation is “Matari’I I Ni’a”. Today, the apparition of these Pleiades is still celebrated through traditional songs, dances, music, exhibitions, and special movie projections. In opinion of our local partners, this event is similar to the Thanksgiving
    • The Tattoo Festival “Tatau I Tahiti Tattonesia” – tattoo is often the ID card of a Polynesian, since from seeing a tattoo, locals can often tell what part of the Polynesia the holder is from. Bringing about 15,000 travelers, the event not only celebrates the Polynesian tattoos, but tattoos in general. It is believed that the word is actually of Tahitian origin. Captain Cook first used the word “Tattoo” (actual name is “Tatau”) when he related some of his voyages to this part of the world.
  • Visitors are encouraged to contribute to the economy and support local culture by visiting local restaurants and purchasing the locally made arts and crafts. The good thing about Tahiti is that most of these businesses are locally owned, and are available on most of the islands and of course at the Market in Papeete (Tahiti).
  • While the “towels and sheets washing program” is not very reinforced in Tahiti, visitors would be greatly appreciated if they would avoid water wastage, especially in Moorea where water supply can be somehow short in times of “drought”
  • In Moorea, the “Aito 4x4 Safari” tour is a must! This tour is dedicated to adventurers willing to discover Moorea off the beaten paths. You will travel in a four-wheel drive vehicle inside the volcanic crater which first created the island. Moorea, the "green garden" of Polynesia is well known for its Agricultural School educating children from all the outer islands. Your guide will drive you across this large plantation growing pineapple, vanilla, bananas, grapefruits, lemons… and will explain all about the varied flora and fauna. Then you will be ready for a touch of culture on the "Marae" (open air temple), before going up to the Belvedere sightseeing and appreciate the tremendous view over the famous Cook's and Opunohu bays. The “Magic mountain” will be the next step. It is a little path surrounded by grapefruits, lemons, and oranges. From there, the view over "Opunohu" bay and the lagoon is one of the most beautiful of the island.
  • To enhance their experiences, travelers are also encouraged to visit the Distillery of Moorea where they can sample some of the drinks that are manufactured here using the local fruits, visit the Agricultural School and sample the jams and products made by the students from the school, and have dinner at La Villa des Sens located at the Legends Moorea Resort
Please Note: Time restrictions and extra charges may apply for some activities, watersports or facilities. Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only, have a dress code in effect and/or require reservations. While Sparkling Voyages makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, it cannot be held responsible for changes, omissions or errors.